Ondřej Novotný

I can admit that it is not surprising that glass has had a big influence on me from a young age. When I was still a kid I spent a lot of time around the studio we had at home and this made me want to be a part of the glass community. I enjoy every aspect of making glass. The physical demand of working a material with such movement and intensity can be as much a challenge as it is a joy.

The result is something that will always manage to amaze me. Over the years my excitement for the limitless possibilities of the material has developed itself into a passion. Not only for the glass, but also the people involved in the process. It is a great community and a magical material.

As well as exploring my own design ideas and artwork, I also get the chance to work with a lot of different designers from all over the world to create some wonderful things. This in itself is a challenge and a great influence on my own use of the material and my designs.


My most recent works in the ‘Speculum’ series is a testament to simplification and optical qualities. I enjoy exploring the illusions of complex patterns contrasted with the optical qualities of solid glass. The surface reflection on the object as well as within the single symmetrical bubble creates an optical illusion of a complex moving pattern.

This is an inherent quality of glass that I enjoy when I am making the piece as much as when it is on display. This visually complex, and often mathematically puzzling pattern, contrasted with the simple curves and optical qualities of solid glass can have a mesmerising effect.

Images made by Simon Bruntnell and Jiri Koudelka

Curriculum Vitae


1999-2004 Glass craft-art school in Nový Bor , Czech Republic
2004 Class of Boyd Sugiki at Cam Ocagi , Istanbul , Turkey
2009 Classes of David Walters and Boyd Sugiki at Pilchuck glass school , WA , USA
2014 Class of Janusz Poźniak at Hut Frantisek, Sazava, Czech Republic

Teaching experience

2008 Teaching assistant for Martin Janecký and Petr Novotný's class at the Corning studio, NY, USA
2010 Teaching assistant for Martin Janecký's classes in Cam Ocagi, Istanbul, Turkey and AYA Glass, Tokyo, Japan
2014 TA for Martin Janecky at AYA glass , Tokyo and Toyama City Institute of Glass Art , Japan ,
2015 Teaching Masterclass at The National Glass Centre, Sunderland, UK
TA for Martin Janecky at Bildwerk , Frauenau , Germany and Hut Frantisek , Sazava, Czech Republic
2016 TA for Martin Janecky at Hut Frantisek, Sazava, Czech Republic
Teaching Masterclass at Hut Frantisek, Sazava, Czech Republic
Teaching with Rob Stern at Cam Ocagi, Beykoz, Turkey

Participating shows

2010, 2012, 2014 Zwieseler glastage, Zwiesel, Germany
2012 Galerie van Veen, Dordrecht, NL
2013 “Home made” exhibit at the National glasmuseum Leerdam, NL
2013 “When Prague meets Shanghai”, Shanghai Museum of Glass, China
2014 GlasKunst uit Leerdam, De Bilt, NL
2014 Vitrum Balticum VI, Kaunas, Lithuania
2016 Artists in residence exhibition , Istanbul, Turkey
2016 The Heat is On" Bruntnell-Astley Exhibition , Stourbridge, UK
2016 Eclectic The Gallery at London Glassblowing

Representing galleries

Ajeto Gallery, Nový Bor, Czech Republic
Moser shop, Prague, Czech Republic
The Gallery at London Glassblowing

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